Younger than Jesus: Artist Directory
authors: Massimiliano Gioni, Laura Hoptman, Lauren Cornell
paperback with 2000 color illustrations
published by Phaidon
540 pages
ISBN-13: 9780714849812
ISBN-10: 0714849812

The Younger than Jesus: Artist Directory is a guidebook to the future of art. Working with a research team made up of more than 150 curators, teachers, critics, bloggers and artists scattered across the globe, New Museum curators Massimiliano Gioni, Lauren Cornell and Laura Hoptman have selected over 500 of the best international artists under the age of 33. While most generational surveys are retrospective, this one is predictive, anticipating the future and revealing upcoming trends. Younger than Jesus: Artist Directory is therefore an unparalleled resource for curators, collectors, dealers, critics – anyone interested in up-to-the-minute contemporary art. This thorough but accessible, lightweight and affordable paperback is not so much a yearbook as a lavishly illustrated search engine, an invaluable tool for accessing the most vibrant and energetic art produced today. By serving as a handbook to currrent artistic innovation, it also appeals to artists, designers and anyone curious about the latest developments in visual culture.
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