art market budapest
08.11.2012 - 11.11.2012
Central and Eastern Europe’s emerging contemporary art fair
with André Wagner and Sara Berti
LOCATION: Stand G204 / Millenaris Park, Building B / 2th District of Budapest/ Hungary

Video works of Chinese contemporary artists
02.11.2012 - 17.11.2012
In the context of the project “Chinese Fall - Chinesischer Herbst” for the Chinese Culture Year in Germany
With Lu Chunsheng (Shanghai), Xing Danwen (Beijing), Yingmei Duan (Braunschweig/London), Ni Haifeng (Amsterdam), Shi Yong (Shanghai), Michael Zheng (San Francisco/Beijing), Yang Zhenzhong (Shanghai)
In cooperation with aquabit and Kühlhaus Berlin
fotofever brussels 2012
04.10.2012 - 07.10.2012
Photography Art Fair
André Wagner - solo show
LOCATION: Tour & Taxis, Avenue du port 86c, B-1000 Brussels
the solo project artfair
13.06.2012 - 17.06.2012
André Wagner - solo show
LOCATION: Booth G4, St. Jakobshalle, Brüglingerstrasse 19-21, CH-4052 Basel

60°N 05°E (encased waterside)
Inauguration of the outdoor sculpture by Thorsten Goldberg
Neue Räume entdecken - Synergie von Kunst und Wirtschaft
05.06.2012, 18 h
Reception+ Art Event 
Photography by Frauke Bergemann
LOCATION: Immanuelkirchstr. 34, 10405 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg
In cooperation with Berliner Raumpiloten
The road series
28.04.2012 - 09.06.2012
Photography by Jia/CN
In cooperation with aquabit
28.04.2012 - 24.05.2012
Recent drawings by Greg Murr/USA 
Der Goldene Käfig – The Golden Cage
31.03.2012 - 19.05.2012
Barton Lidice Benes, Joseph Beuys, Bewegung NURR, Nikolaus und Barbara Eberstaller, Thomas Eller, Ruth Erdt, Maria Fisahn, Esther Shalev Gerz, Thorsten Goldberg, Jan Henderikse, Elmar Hess, Bruno Jamaica, Peter Kees, Christin Lahr, Marcel Mieth, Michael Najjar, PSJM, Philipp Ruch, Tom Schmelzer, Stephanie Senge, Gil Shachar, Société Réaliste, Daniel Spoerri, Klaus Staeck, Timm Ulrichs, Eva Vuillemin, Petrus Wandrey, George O. Dewitte 

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with KunstBüroBerlin and art&culture international e.V.
With special thanks to Sammlung Haupt, Berlin
art Karlsruhe 2012
08.03.2012 - 11.03.2012
with Joseph Ramirez-Dalton (One Artist Stand) 
André Wagner, Frauke Bergemann, Wolfgang Siesing 
LOCATION: Booth H1-V02, Messeallee 1, 76287 Rheinstetten
The universe is built on a plan...
21.01.2012 - 10.02.2012 
with Jovana Popic/CRO-SER, Raha Rastifard/IR, André Wagner/DE, Veronika Witte/DE, Michael Zheng/CN-USA
In cooperation with SAVVY Contemporary
10 11 12 13 
Red concepts for right collectors
24.11.2011 - 02.03.2012 
PSJM (ES) - solo show
Artist Talk: 24.02.2012, 6pm